We are working with our partners from Police Scotland, Transport Scotland and SESTran (South East of Scotland Transport Partnership) to host an event on the topic of Hate Crime on Public Transport.

Hate Crime has become more of an issue, but specifically so on public transport and we are keen to hold a discussion on ways in which we can all take steps to combat it.

Transport Scotland are keen to establish a national Hate Crime Charter, which would set out a series of pledges to tackle hate crime.  The idea will be that transport providers sign up to this Charter, pledging their commitment to tackling hate crime.  This event will bring together disabled people, as well as other equality organisations and transport providers to discuss all forms of hate crime on public transport, the potential for a Hate Crime Charter; including what it would have to contain to be useful, and how a Charter could be implemented and monitored to make a difference.

The event will consist of presentations from Police Scotland, from people detailing their own experiences of hate crime on public transport and group discussions.  

A date will be confirmed in the coming weeks, but spaces will be limited. Keep an eye on this site for updates.

Alternatively, contact Disability Equality Scotland on 01259 272064 or admin@disabilityequality.scot