In a new poll by Disability Equality Scotland, the majority of members who responded feel confident in reporting  an incident of doorstep crime.

A summary of the responses is found below:


Would you feel confident to report an incident, or suspected incident of doorstep crime?


Yes 94% (29 respondents) No 6% (2 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Fortunately I live on an island so anyone with criminal intent has to make an effort to come here and has to leave again on a ferry, so we have very little doorstep trouble”

“We have these doorsetep traders call several times a year. Many of my neighbours have put signs on their gates / doors saying no doorstep callers.”

“I have seen this in action, with a deaf, elderly person who would have responded if I had not been present at the time.”

“I feel that as an older person, and quite aware of a lot of the scams, me being one of them, more police talks around elderly groups, would be of great value.”

“In Renfrewshire we have a No Cold Caller Area to stop people coming to your door with a notice on the door”

“I have done so before my door bell rang and there was two men who said they were cleaning gutters etc and could clean mine for what ever price. I was suspicious and phoned the police who found them a few streets away coming out of a house of an elderly man. When the police checked things out they discovered that they had stolen a wallet from the home of the elderly man and had a purse from someone else in the area.”