Ofcom reveals 45 million people targeted by scam calls and texts this summer

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Ofcom has published new consumer research highlighting the prevalence of scam calls and texts over the summer.

The research has found that almost 45 million people have been on the receiving end of potential scam texts or calls in the last three months. Text scams are most common, with three quarters of 16 – 34 year-olds targeted, and six in ten over-75s have received a suspicious call to their landline.

Ofcom is encouraging people to flag suspicious text messages to the 7726 service, and report calls and any other instances of fraud to Action Fraud or Police Scotland.

Ofcom has worked with telecoms operators to tackle scams and nuisance calls for several years, but is concerned about the significant rise in scam calls and texts over the last 18 months. The tactics used by fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which include using multiple communication channels and spoofing well-known companies and organisations.

We continue to work closely with industry, police, governments and other regulators to ensure strong actions are in place to tackle the threat posed by scam text and calls.